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We present another studio that has joined the group of the partners of TattooMoney. Thanks to this cooperation, in Abrakadavra Tattoo Art Studio you can pay for a tattoo and more with the cryptocurrency $TAT2.

source: https://www.instagram.com/abrakadavratattoo/

Although you can find countless tattoo studios all over the world, such as small local studios or large ones with an industrial interior, adapted to the latest trends, Abrakadavra Tattoo Art Studio certainly stands out with its individuality. In this tattoo studio you can feel mystical atmosphere, thanks to which tattooing can become an almost metaphysical experience.

The owner of Abrakadavra Tattoo Art Studio — Jorge Becerra Pereira, who works with TattooMoney as an advisor, told us about the history of the studio, the atmosphere of the place and his artistic path. Jorge is an experienced tattoo artist, painter, illustrator, 3D sculptor and video game creator.

Tell us how and when you got into tattooing? Was art something that had always been part of your life?

I got into tattooing when I was 17, I went to a studio in my hometown to get my first tattoo and I had a bag full of my own illustrations with me.

My mum used to buy me tattoo magazines since I was 9, and I used them for guidance while drawing on my parent’s skin with a pen, so I always envisioned myself tattooing people since this age.

Can you talk a little bit about your journey to your current style?

To be honest after 19 years of tattooing I am still in the constant search of what is “my style” if I can call it so, tattooing has two sides: Style and Technique, and they are both lead to a long journey to master.
I am specialized in Grim Dark Realism, and I feel that is the result of my curiosity for mysticism and darkness and my admiration for the gap that blurs dreams and reality.

How did it happen that you opened your own studio?

I decided to start my own adventure and open my studio Abrakadavra on Halloween 2014, I guess this was the result of working in many studios with different points of view to mine, and the search for my own path.

Tell about the artists you work with? What are they like? What styles do they tattoo? How do you work with them?

The current Team at Abrakadavra is formed for multitalented artists, we are not just a tattoo studio but an art breeding place.

Every artist has their own individual style from neotraditional, realism, blackwork, floral, geometrical and traditional.

We all work together in an open space pushing and supporting each other to get the best of us.

What is the atmosphere in the studio?

The atmosphere at the studio is friendly and welcoming, we are all a big family.

What are your values when running a studio?

My values while running the studio are mutual respect, integrity, honesty, hard work and reliability.

What would you advise people who come to your studio for the first time?

To people that come to the studio for the first time I would advise:

  • have a good sleep the night before,
  • eat a solid breakfast,
  • be at the studio in time, not before, not after the appointment,
  • bring music and headphones if desired,
  • do not consume any alcohol or drugs before or during the appointment,
  • talk to us, we like a good conversation.

How customers can sign up for a tattoo at Abrakadavra Tattoo Art Club?

Customers that feel interested in getting tattooed by us can contact the studio at: contact@abrakadavra.com

Apart from Jorge six experienced artists work in the studio. Each of them specializes in a different style and will be happy to design an original pattern suitable for the customer expectations. You can pay them with $TAT2.

Kat Abdy

Talented tattoo artist and also an extremely gifted painter. Her tattoos are beautifully colored and the prints very precise and mystical. Katrina specializes in Mistical Neotraditional.

More information about the artist:

Steph Finnola Reed

Known as VIVAMORTA is tattoo artist and painter. Her painting auctioned on app.tattoomoney.io sold for 19999 $TAT2. She also makes jewelry.

More information about the artist: instagram.com/vivamorta/

Chanel Kirk

Chanel specializes in Neo Traditional, Realism, Illustrative, Watercolour.

More information about the artist: instagram.com/chanelkirk/

Aggie Vnek

Thanks to her art degree, she has developed a unique and original style of design that she is able to put on to the skin in her own dynamic way. She specializes in portraits and vibrant realism. Aggie will show her works also as NFT on nft.tattoomoney.io.

More information about the artist: instagram.com/aggie_vnek/

Sofiya Belousova

She studied at Oxford Brookes University and University of the Arts London. Sofiya is also a talented painter. In 2018, an individual exhibition of her works was held in a private gallery in Russia. Sofiya is also an interior designer and in the past she also dealt with brand identity creation.

My creative journey started in childhood and continued as I grew to become a young woman. I painted and drew my ways out of heartbreaks, life-hurdles and feelings of personal failure always finding my key to happiness through my creativity.

More information about the artist:
Website: sofiyabelart.com
Instagram: instagram.com/sofiyabelousova

Boo Studio

Professional body piercing.

More information about the artist: instagram.com/boostudio.piercing

Abrakadavra tattoo artists share talent, but each of them represents a different style and a way of creating patterns and compositions. Thanks to them and other TattooMoney partners, we create an unconventional community, open to innovation and new challenges.

More information about Abrakadavra Tattoo Art Studio:

66 Upper Orwel Street I Ipswich, United Kingdom

Opening hours(GMT+1):
Mon-Sat: 10:30 am — 6:00 pm
Sun: Closed

Website: www.abrakadavra.com
Instagram: instagram.com/abrakadavratattoo
Facebook: facebook.com/ABRAKADAVRA.TATTOO

If you are an owner of tattoo studio or an artist join TattooMoney and start accepting payments with $TAT2. Contact us via Telegram and we will answer all your questions and dispel the doubts.




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