An interview with Niccku Woo

2 min readOct 13, 2021


Niccku Woo, an artist from Singapore and co-founder of TattooMoney, told us his impression on the project, and what prompted him to put his painting up for auction, that has reached 154,000 $TAT2.

Niccu Woo Founder of Galaxy tattoo2

How long have you been tattooing? What’s your story?

I start back in 1998, so 23 years I’ve been tattooing

What painting style do you like? Which painting technique do you use?

I paint with my feel so I don’t really decide until when I wanna paint, I’ve tried copic, sumi, Indian ink, water colour, acyclic, oil, all on different materials. As for style tattooing I’ll be Oriental / Japanese but painting I’ll try my best to do something different from my tattooing as painting is more freedom for sure.

What prompted you to put your painting up for auction at TattooMoney?

Like what we all know is the New Future now most of the thing will be digital and for using NFT & TattooMoney we can attract more of our serious buyers who’s really interested in our art / artwork.

What do you think about TattooMoney?

I don’t think of it as I Believe In It….it will be a next coming big hit for all tattoo artists / artist than to public.

What is your vision for the TattooMoney project in 5 years?

It’s gonna & will be a Guarantee for most Tattoo Artists / Artists producing our artwork, our better future plan & retirement. Can’t wait to see that coming:)

Niccu Woo painting

TattooMoney auctions off art by tattoo artists. So far, a painting by Tomasz TOFI Torfiński was auctioned for 500,000 $TAT2, by Stu Pagdin for 130,000 $TAT2 and by Niccku Woo for 154,000 $TAT2. The auction of another painting, by Julien Thibers, is soon underway. If you would like to take part in the bidding, go to




TattooMoney is a project supporting digitalisation of the tattoo industry. For more information please visit: