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3 min readMay 23, 2022

Introducing the next tattoo artists who have become partners of TattooMoney. Thanks to them, we create a colorful community. Our mission is to support artists, promote the art of tattooing and provide new artistic and financial opportunities.

Sersky Tattoo

Sebastian has been tattooing for 7 years. The adventure with tattoos is a continuation of his passion for drawing and painting. He spend every free moment to his passion. Sersky closely follows the tattoo scene, develops his skills by taking part in seminars and observes the work of his colleagues. His advantage is patience, creativity and precision. Sebastian’s life motto is “do what you love and you will not work a single day”. This enthusiasm for tattooing and hard work can be seen above all from numerous awards won at many conventions.

You can pay Sersky with $TAT2 for a tattoo.

Location: Andromeda since 2022, Gen. Józefa Hallera Str. 7, 41–214 Sosnowiec, Poland

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John Maxx

John Maxx is the founder of Radical Ink Tattoo, where create the best tattoo artists living in Romania.

John Maxx has been practicing tattoo art since 2001. Over the years, John’s developed style has come to be characterized by his exceptional finesse in the creation of realistic black & gray tattoos. John creates and designs exceptional pieces that illustrate his undeniable qualities as a craftsman and incorporate unexpected elements of Renaissance art, symbolism, portraits, and dark art.

You can pay John with $TAT2 for a tattoo.

Location: Radical Ink Tattoo. Strada Vasile Lascar NR.196, Bucuresti, Romania

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Artist who specialize in black and grey realistic tattoo designs. His specialty is freehand tattoos, which give the artist the biggest freedom of creation.

In his spare time, Patiri paints oil and acrylic paintings, takes extraordinary pictures and paints graffiti.

You can pay Patiri with $TAT2 for a tattoo.

Location: Contact him directly via Instagram.

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