Here you can pay with $TAT2 — part 2

We are hereby presenting you more artists and businesses, where you can settle for their services with $TAT2. We will get you familiar with their offer and tell you where exactly you can find them. What is more, we will also unveil the location of another TAT2ATM and, last but not least, say a few words about our new TattooMoney Club!

Jack Galan

The owner of Jack Galan Art Studio. Jack has been tattooing since 2005 and he specializes in Star Wars themed tattoos. He is also the only “Exclusively Licensed Lucas film LTD Tattoo Artist” in Poland. Multiple awards winner and jury member on tattoo conventions worldwide.

You can pay Jack with $TAT2 for a tattoo.

Location: Jack Galan Art, Władysława Łokietka 6/21, Szczecin, Poland.

More information about the artist:

Julien Thibers

The founder of Clockwork Needle Tattoo Studio and Art Gallery. An artist with 20 years of experience, still refining his tattooing craft. Julien also does paintings and drawing.

You can pay Julien with $TAT2 for a tattoo or a painting.

Location: Clockwork Needle, 29 Rue de la Chipotte, Épinal, France.

More information about the artist:

Szymon Szumala

The owner of Golden Watch Tattoo. His tattoos are mostly large, cartoon themed compositions with well-saturated colors. He loves mixing techniques and searching for his own solutions.

You can pay Szymon with $TAT2 for a tattoo.

Location: Golden Watch Tattoo, Zagórska 22/14, Kielce, Poland.

More information about the artist:

Niccku Woo

The co-founder of TattooMoney. Niccku has been tattooing worldwide since 1998, maintaining the oriental style. Only in the painting he allows himself for a greater freedom of artistic expression. A cryptocurrency and NTF enthusiast.

You can pay Niccku with $TAT2 for a tattoo or a painting.

Location: Galaxy Tattoo 2,16a Trengganu St, Singapore.

More information about the artist:

Mish Jarski

A piercer and manager at Max Pniewski’s Phoenix Rising Tattoo. Also an English translator an interpreter. Mish is an enthusiast of new technologies and modern solutions of any kind.

You can pay Mish with $TAT2 for piercing or a translation.

Location: Mish Jarski Piercing, Szeroka 40, Toruń, Poland.

More information about the artist:

La Onda Inc. Studio

A tattoo shop made of six artist, working together since 2016. This bunch of great tattoo artists is a multiple awards winner on numerous tattoo conventions. At La Onda you can also find the latest of our TAT2ATMs, where you can buy $TAT2 directly for cash.

You can pay at La Onda Inc. with $TAT2 for tattoos.

Location: La Onda Inc. Tattoo, Środkowa 8, Warszawa, Poland

More information about the studio:

TattooMoney Club

It is the first and certainly not the last place on the world map created for TattooMoney partners.

TattooMoney Club, established on the Phuket Island in Thailand, aims at creating a creative space for artists from all over the world and providing a place for guest spots, meetings, trainings and demonstrations about TattooMoney.

The complex also includes a beauty & piercing salon, as well as a restaurant with European, Russian and local cuisine.

You can pay at TattooMoney Club with $TAT2 for all services.

Location: TattooMoney Club, 469/4, Rawai, Phuket, Thailand.

TattooMoney Club

We are very pleased that the group of artists who have committed to TattooMoney without hesitation is developing continuously and more people put their trust in our project. The awareness that cryptocurrencies are a good solution for the industry is growing and by following the development of the project one knows that it has real benefits for the industry.

Maybe you would like to join this amazing group and begin your cooperation with TattooMoney? We have a special offer for tattoo artists prepared.

Contact us for more information.



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