Here you can pay with $TAT2 — part 3

3 min readNov 22, 2021

There are more artists and tattoo enthusiasts with whom you can pay in $TAT2. Please find their art below and feel free to make a tattoo appointment. Except for tattoos, you can also but paintings, prints, or even book a holiday in a beautiful apartment in Greece.

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Marcin Gadziński

The owner of Blood Line Tattoo, an outstanding tattoo artist with over 20 years of experience. He specializes in realistic tattoos, both portraits and animal motifs.

You can pay Marcin with $TAT2 for a tattoo.

Location: Blood Line Tattoo, Wyzwolenia 19, Świętochłowice, Poland.

More information about the artist:


The owner of Triplesix Studio, a tattoo artist with over 15 years of experience. Except for tattooing, Bez is also a successful constructor of tattoo machines. He is very much into innovations and the cryptocurrencies have been of his interest for 5 years.

You can pay Bez with $TAT2 for a tattoo.

Location: 24 Fawcett Street, Sunniside, Sunderland SR11RH, United Kingdom.

More information about the artist:

Bartek Dziadek Kołodziejczyk

His favorite creative form is a graphic style, in which he combines contour with realism, color, lettering or ornaments. Bartek has always been interested in comics and graffiti, which can be seen in his works.

You can pay Bartek with $TAT2 for a tattoo, prints and paintings.

Location: Golden Watch Tattoo, Zagórska 22/14, Kielce, Poland.

Więcej informacji o artyście:

Kalymnos Paradise Apartments

Oskar Wróbel welcomes you to Kalymnos Paradise, beautiful apartments in Greece. He is also a keen photographer, climber and a great tattoo enthusiast.

You cay pay Oskar with $TAT2 for a stay at Kalymnos Paradise apartments.

Location: Platis Gialos, Panormos 852 00, Greece.

More information about the apartments:

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All the people presented on the list are TattooMoney friends. Our community is made up of people who are creative and open to the benefits of cryptocurrency payments. $TAT2 is still gaining popularity. Thanks to new possibilities, settlements become easier and faster.

If you are still thinking whether or not to join TattooMoney and begin your settlements in $TAT2, contact us and we will answer all your questions and dispel the doubts.




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