Here you can pay with $TAT2 — part 6

3 min readJan 19, 2022

The list of our partners is constantly growing and there are now over 50 of them accepting $TAT2 payments. Apart from outstanding artists, we would also like to welcome a kickboxing World Cup holder. Read more below!

We accept TattooMoney

Mateusz Białecki

A professional kickboxer. Mateusz is a World Cup winner and 3-time World Cup silver medalist. Many times he was on the podium of Polish Championships and Polish Cup. He has been training since 2008.

You can pay Mateusz with $TAT2 for individual training sessions.

Location: contact him directly via Facebook or Instagram.

More information:

Xevion Tattoo

An artist travelling the world doing amazing tattoos. You can meet him in Belgium, the Netherlands, England, Italy, Luxembourg, Germany, every two weeks in a different studio.

You can pay Xevion with $TAT2 for a tattoo.

Location: contact him directly via Instagram or DM

More information:

Kuba Lenartowicz

TattooMoney partners include many artists who travel and tattoo at various studios. One of them is Kuba. He started tattooing at the age of 29 and the style he feels most comfortable with is Black & Grey, Modern / Cubism, Realism, Surrealism.

After over 3 1/2 years of tattooing, I know that the most important thing is the quality of what we do! The drive to be better and better technically allows us to give more and more quality.

You can pay Kuba with $TAT2 for a tattoo.

Location: contact directly via Instagram

More information:

Maria Ces

Maria works for Tru Tattoo in Lithuania. You can also meet her at numerous conventions in Italy, Germany, Holland or UK. Her style is mostly realism.

You can pay Maria with $TAT2 for a tattoo.

Location: Tru Tattoo, Karmelitų g. 5, Vilnius, Lithuania

More information:

Małgorzata Kujawa

The owner of Pin Up Tattoo in Germany. Małgorzata likes doing both realistic and watercolor tattoos.

You can pay Małgorzata with $TAT2 for a tattoo.

Location: Pin Up Tattoo, Kieler Str. 6a 42540 Dormagen, Germany

More information about the artist:

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