Here you can pay with $TAT2 — part 8

4 min readMar 12, 2022

We are presenting profiles of five more extraordinary artists who became TattooMoney partners. Thanks to the variety of styles our partners represent and the studios they work in, you’re sure to find the right tattoo artist where you can get your dream tattoo and pay with $TAT2.

Marti Hallstrom

He started tattooing in 2013 and has taken his realistic designs to near perfection. Each portrait tattoo is breathtaking! Besides the excellent technique, shading and composition, Marti is able to capture emotions that give the portrait a unique character. Besides tattoos, Marti also paints. In his hyperrealistic works he uses oil paints, sometimes also charcoal and graphite.

You can pay Marti with $TAT2 for a tattoo.

Location: Black Mirror Tattoo.Viborggade 23. 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark

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Paweł Klaputek

Born in 1984, he started tattooing in 1999 and made it a way of life in 2009 when he opened his first studio. He doesn’t limit himself to one style, he is interested in and often experiments with new tattooing techniques. His leading style is definitely dark realism and surrealism.

You can pay Paweł with $TAT2 for a tattoo.

Location: Verum Tattoo, Katowicka 37, 41–600 Świętochłowice, Poland

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Claudia Reato

Claudia started tattooing in 2009 but has been interested in art and painting since childhood. She perfected her designs during numerous travels around Europe. Over the years and with experience she has created her own style, that she likes to call dark realism. The story behind each client is what interests her too as she likes to talk and interpret emotions accompanying the session, so she knows the given person’s expectations.

You can pay Claudia with $TAT2 for a tattoo.

Location: Claudia Reato Private Tattoo Studio, Contrà delle Morette, 7, 36100 Vicenza, Italy

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Trigger Tattoo

Andrey comes from Belarus, but you can meet him at Stoneheads Tattoo in Gdansk, Poland. His works are mostly realistic, black and grey tattoos, but he also likes to incorporate other styles into his designs. Besides tattooing, he paints graffiti, pictures and is interested in 3D graphics, which is also reflected in his tattoos. Andrew has also joined our NFTattoo platform and his works will be available for purchase at NFT.

You can pay Andrzej with $TAT2 for tattoos and soon also NFTs at NFTattoo.

Location: Stoneheads Tattoo&Body Piercing, Chlebnicka 43/44 Gdańsk, Poland

More information about the artist:

Samuel Potucek

The artist comes from Bratislava, Slovakia and has been tattooing since 2009. He does realistic work, but what is important for Samuel is the right harmony of contrast, form and color, which is why in most of his works you can see an artistic interpretation instead of a perfect copy of the design.

You can pay Samuel with $TAT2 for a tattoo.

Location: InkFamous Tattoo Studio, Prievozská 32, Bratislava, Slovakia

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