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4 min readMay 5, 2022


Thanks to our application, we have conducted many interesting auctions of works of art made by artists who, apart from tattooing, are also fulfilling themselves in other branches of art. Thanks to the auction, you can get many unique works such as paintings, sculptures or other forms of artistic creativity.

Online art auctions are gaining more and more popularity, and especially after the pandemic the art world has opened up to this type of auction. Additionally, the constantly rising inflation makes art a great investment.

TattooMoney began its first auction of real works of art in September 2021. At that auction of Tomasz TOFI Torfiński, a well-known tattoo artist, owner of the INK-Ognito Tattoo Studio and CEO of TattooMoney, the initial amount of the painting was 70,000 $TAT2. What was the final one? The painting got auctioned for 500,000 $TAT2 in just 24 hours!

The next paintings were the works of Stu Pagdin from Australia, auctioned for 130,000 $TAT2, Niccku Woo’s painting reached 154,000 $TAT2, Julien Thibers’s work was auctioned for 55,000 $TAT2, the painting by Marek Granieczny - 41,000 $TAT2, Gianluca Martucci’s art from San Marino — 10,000 $TAT2, the painting “Riae” made by Marta Make - 37,000 $TAT2 and Nikita Katrakov’s art - 5400 $TAT2.

Other forms of art were also auctioned, such as the “Red Demon” mask by Dima Naboka, sold for 34,666 $TAT2, the “Tiny Masks” by the artist Bez 666, which was a set of nylon printed and hand-painted masks with a value of 25,500 $TAT2 or the Star Wars themed skateboard deck by Jack Galan sold for 19,000 $TAT2.

All auctions are getting interest in our community because participants can join the auction at any place and time. The bidding is real-time with a time limit. Compared to traditional auctions, online auctions significantly reduce the cost of purchasing a work of art and make it easier to reach interested investors. Everything is done through one application, thanks to which the finalization of the transaction is very simple and fast.

All information about the bidding, such as the author’s details, the size of the artwork, the technique used by the artist and the starting price, is communicated prior to the auction on TattooMoney’s social media and in the app.

If you are looking for a unique work of art for yourself or you want to exhibit your own piece of creativity, we encourage you to report through our social media channels.

Painting, sculpture, drawings, contemporary art — we leave full freedom to artists and we are open to any suggestions.

Auctions that are conducted through applications and the finalization of the auction of a real work of art in cryptocurrency is a completely innovative form.

We are glad that our project also includes such a space for artists, thanks to which we can help them in reaching a wider group of buyers. With our activities, we try to support the activities of artists to make it as accessible and independent as possible.










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