INK-Ognito Tattoo to accept payments with $TAT2

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INK-Ognito is one of the first tattoo studios in Poland and worldwide to become a TattooMoney partner, allowing you to pay with $TAT2.

INK-Ognito tattoo studio, established in 2009, is a cult place in the tattoo world. There are nine outstanding tattoo artists working in the studio. Besides, it is also a studio open for visiting artists, where guestspots are often held.

The aim of the studio is not only to make tattoos. It is also a place for creative development, holding trainings, workshops and seminars on both tattoo art and graphic design. The team participates in all the most important tattoo conventions all over the world, i.e London, Milan, Paris, Venice, Hong Kong, New York, Krakow, Warsaw, both as tattoo artists and jury members.

It is worth mentioning that they are active on many levels. They run their own youtube channel and an extensive social media portfolio. Noteworthy are also events where you can meet the studio’s friends and many famous tattoo artists. One of them is the studio’s logo interpretation, where the great opportunity to meet and work together is combined with a collection for charity.

The INK-Ognito studio is owned by Tomasz TOFI Torfiński, who is also the co-founder of TattooMoney. Tofi is a creative artist and a hard-working businessman. He started his tattoo adventure at the age of 17. When learning the craft, he was creating tattoos in every style. Then he opened his own studio in his hometown Rybnik. Since then, 20 years have passed. Meanwhile, the market has opened strongly and the tattoo itself has entered the mainstream. New technologies allowed Tofi evolve and change his tattooing style, including the use of 3D technology in his work, making him a forerunner in this field. Thanks to digitalization, he also opened up to new areas of work, seeing many benefits. The constant desire to evolve caused him to go further and open up to more, but at the same time, unlike other business area, the tattoo industry lacked tools, and the standardized, direct billing for tattoos was one of them.

Today, in addition to painting, tattooing and seminars, he is also busy creating and developing the TattooMoney project, aiming at settle for tattoos with the $TAT2 token and creating an NFT platform.

I have the feeling I should give something back to the industry. To leave a trace and provide next generations of tattoo artists with tools.

Tofi noted that by implementing the project, the tattoo industry has an impact on its business future not only online but in the real world as well. $TAT2 is independent, decentralized, with no power imposed from above. It is an international cryptocurrency project introducing revolution in accounting for tattoos, artwork and many other tattoo industry related solutions.

INK-Ognito is a large, spacious studio. Most of the ten artists working there accept payment for a session in TatooMoney. The studio also houses TAT2ATM, which can be used to purchase $TAT2, as well as other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Ink-Ognito does not create universal artists. Each artist is a top-notch artist with a unique style that they have developed. Artists honoring payments in TattooMoney at INK-Ognito are: Tofi, Tomasz Kołucki, Tomasz Podleśny, Marcin Kudosz, Adrian Gluzek and Marek Granieczny. Below we present their profiles:

Tomasz Kołucki

Tomek comes from an artistic family. He has been drawing since he can remember and always planned to work in the related field. He started in INK-Ognito studio as an apprentice, while preparing to defend his Master’s degree. He went from drawing designs through his first steps with a machine on artificial skin to tattoo artist quite smoothly, in a short time. Great support from his studio mates, his own determination and strong commitment brought quick results. After many years of intensive work, he is able to catch the balance between tattooing and free time. His interests include books, music and sport. What style suits Tom the most?

Illustrative, colorful, cartoonish, psychedelic, comic. Anything “graphic.” I like strong contrasts, vividness.

His works surprise with their color and character, they are like stories told on the skin. Outside the studio, Tomek can be found at conventions and guest spots.

More information and the artist’s work:

Tomasz Podleśny

Tomek began his adventure with the tattoo machine in September 2017. However, the preparation for tattoo work itself began much earlier. For half a year he practiced on artificial skins and for a year he was improving his drawing skills. Everything happened in the INK-Ognito tattoo studio under the guidance of Tomasz Tofi Torfiński and the rest of the team. The artist draws inspiration for his works from music, nature or books. Sometimes it can also be an event from everyday life or a different perspective on an observed image. Every day Tomek gives 120% of himself and it concerns the whole tattooing process.

In college I took classes in drawing and painting, but it was diligent work and listening to guidance in the studio that gave me the opportunity to spread my wings in the art of tattooing.

From making the design, preparing the work station, talking to the client, through observing health and safety rules, solidly made tattoo to informing how to take care of it and dispelling clients’ all doubts. He explains everything because he cares about the awareness of the person he is tattooing. The design is not a temporary whim dictated by fashion or current trends, but the motif on the skin, which will stay with him for years, because customer satisfaction is his priority. Apart from tattooing, his daily interests include sports and music.

In Tomek’s works you can see consistency and a characteristic line. He works in grays. Most of his works are dark and realistic, with a hint of smooth shadows, a sketch motif or a stronger outline. You can find in them animalistic and plant motifs, abstractions and darkart.

More information and the artist’s work:

Marcin Kudosz

Marcin started working at INK-Ognito in 2019. However, his passion for tattooing was born much earlier, as early as elementary school. Since he got his first tattoo at a house party at the age of 14, he went through a long way of learning drawing in the High School of Fine Arts, apprenticeship in the studio and self-development in the field of sense of form, composition, tattoo aesthetics. His interests are books and sport, which is very important in this profession due to the nature of the work.

Art is free and should have no boundaries, and therefore no trends. I work in realism and the only thing I try to follow is the work of the best realists, I compare my work and try to look for my own mistakes.

Such are also Marcin’s works. Although the realistic tattoo does not leave much room for personal interpretation, the author’s character is visible in his designs. You can see in his works photographic accuracy and precision. There is everything what is most important in realism — details, shapes, perfectly chosen proportions and shadow adjustment.

More information and the artist’s work:

Marek Granieczny

Tomasz TOFI Torfiński, when taking new people to work, looks for such artists who have a flair and artistic idea for themselves. One of such artists is Marek, who joined INK-Ognito as one of the last. Marek is the oldest of the team. He was an art teacher for 10 years. This was his comfort zone, but as an artistic soul he was not fulfilled in this job.

Marek creates his art in the atmosphere of dark surreal art. Apart from tattoos he also creates unusual designs and dark, fantastic paintings. One of his paintings was auctioned off at TattooMoney in November 2021. The painting attracted a lot of interest and its initial value was exceeded five times. The painting was ultimately sold for $41,000TAT2

More information and the artist’s work:

Adrian Gluzek

The beginning of Adrian’s tattooing career is a perfect example that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams. Three years ago, right after his 30th birthday, he realized what he really wanted to do with his life. He decided that this was his last chance to start doing what he had been thinking about for a long time, but had always lacked the time and courage to do. He bought the first tattoo machine in his life and started training on artificial skins. At first, being the studio’s client, he could observe the artists’ work. To gain confidence and improve his workshop, he took part in Karol Rybakowski’s seminar in INK-Ognito. It became a milestone thanks to which INK-Ognito team noticed his potential and invited him to cooperate.

Outside the studio Adrian is interested in soccer. He also likes to spend time actively so he often goes to the mountains, where he can free his thoughts and relax.

The artist draws inspiration for his projects from the diversity of the human psyche, changeability of states of consciousness and the influence of the environment on the human subconscious.

Adrian is also interested in cryptocurrencies on a daily basis. He sees how the market is developing online and realizes what impact it will have on us in the near future. That is why he willingly became the TattooMoney partner.

With a few cryptocurrencies in my wallet, I think TM has a predisposition to become a global means of payment in the industry. I am curious to see how strongly this project develops.

More information and the artist’s work:

More information about the INK-Ognito studio:

About the location:
INK-Ognito. Torfiński T.
Jana III Sobieskiego 4,
44–200 Rybnik, Poland

Hours (GMT+1)
Mon-Fri: 10:00 am — 6:00 pm
Sat: 10:00 am — 2:00 pm
Sun: Closed


Instagram: ink_ognito_tattoo

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