Partnership with ivendPay

2 min readMar 22, 2022

Now you can pay $TAT2 in vending machines. We are happy to inform that the TattooMoney token has been added to the ivendPay platform.

During Web3 tech event WOW Summit in Dubai we have established a number of business contacts. One of the numerous conversations ended up in a partnership with ivendPay.

The company presented its offer and during the meeting on WOW Summit the first ever purchase of a drink in a vending machine using $TAT2 was made.

ivendPay is a company with 200 machines installed all over the world, including vending machines and POS devices.

Vending machines are used to dispense products such as food, beverages and other necessities. They are used in restaurants, clubs, offices, institutional buildings and during large events. The market is self-adapting to customers’ needs, allowing self-service machines to sell different products and services depending on the local shopping behavior of customers.

The global vending machine market size was valued at USD 18.28 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 25.25 billion by 2027. Interestingly, enabling cryptocurrency payment in such machines is also gaining popularity. Continuous innovation and technological advancements have led the industry to offer more modern, mobile solutions for cryptocurrency holders as well.

More than 100 million people want to pay with cryptocurrency for everyday purchases and services. We too want to find new usability for our $TAT2 token. By partnering with ivendPay, $TAT2 will now be used to pay for various products offered at their self-service machines.

The machines will appear at various events and their operation is easy. Simply select the product you want to buy, press “pay” and choose $TAT2 on the machine screen. Then scan your QR code in your mobile wallet and it’s done.

We hope that by expanding the cooperation also with the B2B market, the TattooMoney token will become more and more available and useful. You can already pay for a number of services with it. The main idea is to pay for a tattoo, but the partners also include the beauty, catering, art, or accommodation industry.

You can buy $TAT2 in TAT2ATMs located in tattoo studios in Poland, Spain, Italy and Ireland, and on the Coinsbit exchange.

And if you want to become a TattooMoney partner, contact us on Telegram. We look forward to your offer.




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