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Phoenix Rising Tattoo is a cult place on the tattoo map of Europe. The studio, located in Torun’s Old Town Square, attracts tattoo lovers from all over the world. You can find outstanding artists there and pay with $TAT2 for a tattoo session or piercing. This is also the location of one of our TAT2ATMs, so you can buy $TAT2 directly for cash there as well.

Phoenix Rising Tattoo logo

Phoenix Rising Tattoo is placed on the first floor of the PDT Department Store and was established in February 2017. Six artists work there on a daily basis, but you can also meet famous artists invited for guest-spots there ever so often.

The studio is distinguished not only by the names of outstanding artists. It is also a place where you can develop your artistic competences. Oil painting seminars organized at Phoenix Rising Tattoo, conducted by Nikita Katrakov, are mainly aimed at tattoo artists who want to develop their skills.

source: YouTube Max Pniewski

The artists also strongly support charity actions. One of the most interesting was the aid for a child with Trisomy. The Phoenix Rising Team collected funds for three-arrow sign tattoos done and all the money was given to the specialist foundation and its charge. Another altruistic event was a meeting organized for tattoo artist, who were suppose to make an interpretation of the studio’s logo. All the income was donated to a foundation devoted to animals in need.

Phoenix Rising Team
Source: Facebook Phoenix Rising Tattoo

Max Pniewski

Phoenix Rising Tattoo is all about the people who create the unique atmosphere of this place. The owner of the studio is Max Pniewski, a tattoo icon. He had his first contact with a self-made machine in the age of 13. As he says, it was a mixture of curiosity, excitement and fear. He has been tattooing since 1999, with the first seven years at home. The professional career started 16 years ago and now he can’t imagine any other way of life. Max has a wealth of experience from his countless guest spots and conventions. After years of living abroad, during which he maxed skills in tattooing, painting and digital art, Max decided to return to Poland and open a studio in Toruń. Despite running his studio, which is very time consuming, he is still very active on the tattoo scene.

I really enjoy all kinds of tattoo journeys. I like to get to know people, share knowledge and gain it from those I meet and whose opinion I respect. It is always very motivating and each trip brings something new into my life, be it private or professional.

For Max, tattooing is not just work or passion. It has become a lifestyle that revolves around the studio, sessions, design or numerous trips. He is a multiple (46!) award winner at many conventions and was nominated for the Tattoo Artist Of The Year in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. He is also a member of the World Famous Tattoo Ink Pro Team, the world’s renowned tattoo ink manufacturer.

Max does realistic tattoos, with inspiration drawn from his surroundings, as well as books, music, movies, games, conversations with people and travel. His attentiveness and artistic sensitivity allows him to use everyday life for creative interpretation and using in his designs.

In 2014 he created “Legolism” combining the real world with Legos. Through this style he has become recognizable and has taken this form of expression to a professional level.

The artist is also the co-founder of TattooMoney. Max strongly supports the project and is heavily involved in its development. It is thanks to him that new tattoo artists join TattooMoney. He is the driving force and the heart of TattooMoney. Max knows and understand that the tattoo world needs new solutions and thanks to his experience as both an artist and an entrepreneur, we can realize goals that are in line with the needs of the industry.

You can pay Max with $TAT2 for a tattoo.

More information and the artist:

Agata Jarska

Agata has been interested in drawing for as long as she can remember. Her adventure with tattoo began and continues in Phoenix Rising Tattoo. First as a client and then she trained to become a tattoo artist under Max’s tutelage . Thanks to her mentor and her artistic ability, she quickly developed skills in both tattooing, digital art and many other painting mediums.

In tattooing, I’m still looking for my own trend, but something that turns me on is expressive colors breached with intense black inserts.

Agata sees beauty in both small flash tattoo and large-scale compositions. She’s open for customers’ visions, which she can easily transfer on the skin with her own artistic flair, thus making charming animal portrait tattoos that are becoming very popular.

You can pay Agata with $TAT2 for a tattoo

More information about the artist:

Mish Jarski

Mish — a studio manager and piercer — is an extremely charismatic person. He started working at Phoenix Rising Tattoo in August 2020 and just a few months later, after a trening with one of the best piercers in Poland (Conor from Warsaw CrM Bodymodifications) he started making piercings as well.

Mish has not always been involved in the industry, although he has been interested in tattoos & piercing for a long time. All his previous professional experiences combined made him catch the flow right away and he fulfills himself in the studio not only on a professional but also on a personal level.

Since I have been here, as of August 2020, I have not been working. I’m fulfilling myself, developing, and it allows me to live at a satisfying level. I’ve never “worked” harder and more than I do now, and I’ve never had more fun and satisfaction doing it. I have also been able to fulfill some of my dreams. Life is beautiful!

Outside of the studio, Mish has three passions. CrossFit, which he practices several times a week. Music, for 20 years he has been involved in singing. This passion is shared with Max Pniewski, who is a great guitarist. They play together in a rock band. Mish also loves motorcycles.

Mish applies his skills to the TattooMoney project too. He moderates content, does English translations and represents TattooMoney at numerous conventions in Europe.

He was interested in cryptocurrencies for a short time before he got into the project. He already had some knowledge, courage and optimism, because he knew the assumptions and the idea that Core Team TattooMoney follows.

Having spoken at conventions about $TAT2 with tattoo artists, he is also able to understand their skepticism because he knows how difficult it is to get into the crypto world.

Entering into the crypto world is just as difficult as entering any other. You have to do it with courage, not be afraid, but keep a cool head. Don’t lurk, but don’t be overemotional either.

You can pay Mish with $TAT2 for piercing and Polish<=>English translations.

More information about the artist:

Anya Velk

Anya has been making tattoos since 2014. Her creative path started in Siberia and after eight years she continues it in Toruń. Consistency and precision are her hallmarks.

I knew right away what style I was going to work in, I love drawing black and gray images and that carried over to my tattoos.

However, she sometimes incorporates color into her designs, which allows her to break away from the everyday and experiment. She likes laconic forms and distinct lines.

Clients appreciate Anya for her professionalism and “light needle”. She can easily understand the intention a person willing to get a tattoo comes with, and everyone leaves satisfied.

You can pay Anya with $TAT2 for a tattoo.

More information about the artist:

Nikita Katrakov

His adventure with art began with drawing, which accompanied him from an early age. Painting, however, came along with age to become a priority around 2011. Nikita learned painting through watching older artist, as well as new ones. He has also been a frequent visitor in art galleries and literature has helped to organize the acquired knowledge he loves to share. Thanks to his oil art seminars he managed to instill the bug of playing with the art of painting in many tattooists. Participants praised the training for its professionalism and the way of conveying knowledge not only in theory but also in practice. Seminars are held periodically and the schedule can be found on Instagram. Nikita also conducts individual meetings.

Nikita is also a talented tattoo artist. He specializes in realistic tattoos. His dichromatic designs are an interesting alternative and distinctive artistic vision.

You can pay Nikity with $TAT2 for a tattoo or art seminar.

More information about the artist:

Grzegorz Kalinowski

Grzegorz has been part of the Phoenix Rising Tattoo team since Spring 2021. Artistically gifted, he has long been interested in drawing and photography. Tattoo has always intrigued Grzegorz and one of the conventions in Krakow changed him to such an extent that made him change his mind and begin his tattooing career.

After returning from TattooFest, I took out a loan and bought my first tattoo machine. I immediately got my first tattoo on myself. But I think the “beginning” stage is still going on.

Courage to change, self-improvement and humility are his strengths. He therefore knows how far he still has to go but the support and knowledge he gets in the studio make him learn fast and gain new skills.

Grzegorz prefers the neo-traditional style. Like most artists, he draws inspiration from everyday life. Conventions, conversations, thoughts, add to that images seen through the photographer’s eye, all this becomes an impulse for creating designs.

Why did he become interested in the TattooMoney project? As you can see, he is a keen observer and knows that the world is becoming increasingly digital. He realizes the benefits not only to himself but to the industry as a whole. He knows that the TattooMoney project is the key that will allow us to move freely whether in the real or digital world.

BRILLIANT! I think this is the best project we could get. Technology is moving faster than everyone thinks and TattooMoney is the key to the future!

You can pay Grzegorz with $TAT2 for a tattoo or a photo session.

More information about the artist:

The studio has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. You can also see “old school” here, which is introduced by Max as an experienced tattoo artist and manager. Respect for others, openness and a common goal is the first impression you get when you enter the studio. You can also notice the individualism of each artist and the variety of styles thanks to which the studio is so popular among clients.

More information about the Phoenix Rising Tattoo studio:

Phoenix Rising Tattoo
Szeroka 40
87–100 Toruń, Poland

Hours (GMT+1):
Mon-Fri: 10:00 am — 5:00 pm
Sat: 10:00 am — 3:00 pm
Sun: Closed





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