TAT2 is upgrading to TAT2v2!

The original TAT2 (0x9607…35fa), now known affectionately as “TAT2v1” (or sometimes as “TAT2 (old)”) has been deprecated in favour of TAT2v2 (0xb487…08C2, now “TAT2”). Future governance decisions related to the TattooMoney will use TAT2v2.

If you directly hold TAT2, the easiest method of upgrading your TAT2v1 is to use the app.tattoomoney.io

Upgrade paths

The upgrade of TAT2v1 to TATv2 is not limited in time. As long as you keep some TAT2v1, you will be able to upgrade it 1:1 to an equivalent TAT2v2 balance.

The process is not complicated and depends on the device you have.

Depending on where your TAT2v2 is held, you may have different options for upgrading to TAT2v2.

In general, we recommend to use our app at app.tattoomoney.io, as it is the easiest method of upgrading.

If you prefer raw contract interactions, need to encode one due to a smart wallet, or want to get into the details, you may find the contract here.

  • iOS:


  • Android:


  • Computer:


Why do we upgrade?

TAT2v1 was deployed in 2019, thanks to the token upgrade from TAT2v1 to TAT2v2 the system meets all expectations of TattooMoney. The modernization will allow you to automatically divide the transfer fees, which is very important for the project and its optimization. The new token is also supported by the DAO that TattooMoney is striving for. As a result, it is technologically adapted to a decentralized, autonomous organization. TAT2v2 has thus become even more transparent to the user and each owner will have influence on the project development. The procedures will become dependent on the recipient, which is compatible with the idea of ​​TattooMoney and what the project is about.

The improvement of the new TAT2v2 model is also subject to automatic collection of a 2% fee from which:

  • 40% is automatically burned,
  • 20% is transferred to the charity address,
  • 20% saved for prizes,
  • 20% Staking

Both the FEE value and the FEE division will depend on the DAO, this means that each owner will have an influence on them.

TAT2v2 has more decimal places — it has gone up from eight to sixteen, which is much more precise. This means you can own and be in full control of even a very small fraction of the entire TAT2. Thanks to this, even if the value of the token increases significantly, you will still be able to buy and use the system as is.


My wallet doesn’t detect my TAT2v2 balance

Your wallet may not immediately detect your upgraded TAT2 balance. In this case you have 2 options:

1.MetaMask: go to app.tattoomoney.io and click the balance on the bottom.

Go to app.tattoomoney.io and click the balance on the bottom
Add suggested tokens TAT2

2. TrustWallet: click here
You should be able to find documentation on how to add custom tokens to your wallet’s interface. You will want to use 0xb487d0328b109e302b9d817b6f46cbd738ea08c2 as the token address.

My transactions aren’t being propagated

You may not have specified a high enough gas price or your wallet may be experiencing issues.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of gas on Ethereum, ethgas.io is a great primer. Your wallet will have built-in controls to help adjust the gas price used in your transactions so that they get mined in a timely fashion (for example, see Metamask’s documentation).

My transactions are failing

Please double check that your transaction has specified a high enough gas limit and that your account holds enough ETH. Using 120,000 as the gas limit for any transactions requested by the app.tattoomoney.io will be sufficient.




TattooMoney is a project supporting digitalisation of the tattoo industry. For more information please visit: tattoomoney.io

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TattooMoney is a project supporting digitalisation of the tattoo industry. For more information please visit: tattoomoney.io

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