TAT2ATM at Marta Make’s Dreamatorium tattoo studio in Rome, Italy

2 min readJan 8, 2022

Another of our TAT2ATMs can be found at Marta Make’s place. This is where you can now buy $TAT2 directly for cash and her Dreamatorium tattoo studio is also accepting token payments for tattoos or scuptures.

TAT2ATM is a blending of two words — $TAT2 and ATM. The machine works similarly to an ATM/CDM but the difference is that it allows for cryptocurrency transactions. This is a way to buy crypto, eg. $TAT2, for cash quickly, easily and in a safe manner.

At Dreamatorium you can not only buy tokens, but also pay for a tattoo session. Except for tattoos Marta Make also does paintings and sculptures. One of her paintings was sold on the TattooMoney auction for 37 000 $TAT2.

Dreamatorium by Marta Make
Via Portuense, 953, 00148 Roma RM, Italy

Web: https://dreamatorium.martamake.tattoo

Opening hours:

Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday: 10:30–19:30
Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday: closed

Please let us know if you would also love to have a TAT2ATM in your tattoo studio. Contact us at marketing@tattoomoney.io or via Telegram.




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