Tattoo events. Report from The Ink Factory Lyon & Ink n Art Rotterdam

4 min readApr 26, 2022

On the weekend of April 22–24, 2022, two interesting tattoo events took place — The Ink Factory International Tattoo Convention in Lyon, France and Ink n Art Rotterdam Tattoo Convention, the Netherlands. Team TattooMoney showed up at both events where we had an opportunity to speak to participants and award the best tattooers.

The Ink Factory International Tattoo Convention in Lyon, France

The Ink Factory is an international tattoo convention that hosts over 200 artists each year. Established in 2018 in Lyon, it gathers hundreds of artists with international reputation as well as totally beginner tattooists. The last 3 editions of this tattoo convention were visited by over 20,000 people.

The convention was held in the old Fagor-Brandt equipment factories in the Gerland district of Lyon, which employed thousands of people in the 1980s and now hosts numerous cultural events.

During the event, it was possible to get a tattoo and arrange a session with the best tattooers, and our team was present and ready as well. The convention was attended by Tomasz Tofi Torfiński from INK-Ognito Tattoo, Max Pniewski from Phoenix Rising Tattoo and Jorge Becerra Pereira from Abrakadavra Tattoo Art Club.

TattooMoney also organized a stand where everyone could talk about tattoos, design, cryptocurrencies, NFTs and a wide range of collaboration. The project was very popular, the more so because there was an

vending machine located next to it, where everyone could buy gadgets and drinks for $TAT2 and other cryptocurrencies.

Many people who have never dealt with TattooMoney, bought their first $TAT2 tokens from TAT2ATM, finding out that this is a simple and quick way to start an adventure in the world of crypto.

However, the most interesting point of the convention, apart from numerous conversations and meetings with tattoo artists’ friends, were the competitions for the best tattoo. The works exhibited in the competitions were of a very high standard and TattooMoney sponsored the vouchers for the best.

Ink n Art Rotterdam Tattoo Convention

Ink n Art is another tattoo convention in which we handed out TattooMoney vouchers for the best artists.

The event was organized by InkPact Events, which is preparing conventions in Hasselt, Utrecht and Da Nang (Vietnam) together with the Brussels Tattoo Convention and World Tattoo Events.

Ink n Art Events has over 15 years of experience and is a leader on the Dutch market. It has organized over 25 tattoo events and hosted thousands of artists from all over the world! Thanks to many years of experience, the event was held at a very high level with attention to every single detail. Interesting concerts and shows took place outside the zone where tattooers and sellers exhibited their stands.

For TattooMoney the most interesting were the contests in which we had a chance to award the best participants. It is thanks to them that we can admire the best tattoos, the artistry of the tattooers and the quality of the work done. The competitions were divided into the categories: blackwork, color, realistic tattoo, old school, new school, horror, oriental, neo traditional, portrait and ornate tattoo. Interesting works were also presented by artists from the best “new talent tattoo” category — an artist who has a maximum of 1 year of professional experience and the best “junior tattoo” — an artist with a maximum of 3 years of professional experience.

We would like to thank everyone for the meeting and talks. We congratulate the organizers on such professionally planned events, and we would like to invite the winners of the competitions who received TattooMoney vouchers to our community. Soon, TattooMoney will take part in other tattoo conventions. Now we invite you to familiarize yourself with our Roadmap to find out what events we plan to participate in.




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