TattooMoney Black Friday Deal — 50% more $TAT2 tokens for free

Black Friday is the biggest shopping holiday that starts the Christmas promotions rush. The tattoo industry has also been a part of it for years. Many online stores outdo each other with unique sales offers at attractive prices. Tattoo studios offer discounts on sessions, piercings or special vouchers.

The cryptocurrencies market also participates in this event by offering sizeable discounts and dedicated coupons. This not only helps promote the products but also raise awareness by popularizing alternative forms of payment.

Black Friday TattooMoney offer

Black Friday is a very good opportunity to equip yourself with $TAT2 tokens, as our Team has prepared a special offer. Starting November 25th, 12:00 UTC till November 27th, 12:00 UTC, every TattooMoney buyer will receive an additional 50% of $TAT2 tokens. Buy your tokens visiting or find one of our TAT2ATMs. The 50% bonus on $TAT2 purchased will be sent through the Polygon network to the address from which the purchase was made. Feel free to contact us at in case you need any assistance.

A quick reminder where you can find our TAT2ATMs:

  • INK-Ognito Tattoo, Jana III Sobieskiego 4, Rybnik, Poland

It is worth to take advantage of this unique offer and contribute your digital wallet with $TAT2. Both current token holders willing to increase their $TAT2 stock at an attractive price and people who are just thinking about their first transactions are welcome.



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