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3 min readJan 12, 2022


Charity is an important element of the TattooMoney project, embedded in our White Paper. Part of the funds obtained from virtual transactions are therefore donated to charity.

The tattoo artist community strongly supports charity organizations. It’s safe to say that it’s an integral part of our activity. We organize charity Walk-In Days, events or various collections for charitable purposes. That is why this element could not be missing in TattooMoney’s activity. Therefore, a solution has been implemented that transfers part of the funds from TattooMoney FEE to charitable organizations.

source: TattooMoney

According to our model, for each sale of tokens outside the $TAT2 environment (e.g. on decentralized exchanges or when transferring funds via external wallets) a transaction FEE of 2% is charged. Collected funds are allocated to various purposes related to the project and 20% of them to charity.

Charity wallet address: 0xA48E5C39c9AF0f3B1A948a63F44d63AB777CB684

The aid provided in Thailand was a very important issue for us in 2021. Before the pandemic, about 20 percent of its GDP came from mass tourism, and in 2020 the country lost about $50 billion due to the border closure. The number of foreign vacationers then dropped by 83% — from nearly 40 million in 2019 to 6.7 million. Despite the relaxation of pandemic regulations, tourism in 2021 was still in poor shape. Thais are struggling with hunger and mass unemployment.

To help the Thai people in their difficult situation, we first provided our representatives in Chonburi Province and Phuket Island with funds to buy food and necessities. We also organized free food distribution points.

Thanks to our resident, we opened TattooMoney Club on Phuket Island, which is a place where our partners can make their guest spots. The building also houses TattooMoney Club Restaurant, where you can pay with cryptocurrencies.

We also educate the community about cryptocurrencies. The first lessons on investing were quite popular. Participants learned the basic topics and made the first practical steps into the cryptocurrency market.

This year we plan to carry out more actions. As TattooMoney intends, the funds collected from the Charity portfolio will be donated to selected charities.




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