TattooMoney is now bridged with the Polygon network.

3 min readNov 30, 2021

We are happy to announce that TattooMoney has now been integrated with the Polygon network.

From the very beginning TattooMoney intended to be a multi-blockchain project. We are now happy to have achieved this. Thanks to the new solution, $TAT2 users can choose which network to use.

What is the Polygon network?

The Polygon network is designed so that any developer can create a dedicated blockchain network combining all the best features of standalone blockchains (flexibility, sovereignty and scalability) with what is the best about Ethereum (security, high liquidity, interoperability).

Polygon aims primarily at creating a framework for designing blockchains that can intercommunicate.

Why Polygon?

Is it can be noted, transaction fees on the Ethereum network are high and they often exceed $100.

Polygon allows for fast and safe transactions with significantly lower fees, charged in the Matic token.

How to add the Polygon network to your wallet?

The easiest way to add the Polygon network to your wallet is by using

You have to go to the “Browser” tab

and then type in the search bar.

Another step is the confirm the adding ot Polygon to your wallet and switching networks. VOILÀ!

If you want to transfer $TAT2 to the Polygon network (or to Ethereum in case you want to switch networks), you need to do a Cross-Chain Swap. This can be done at:

$TAT2 token information for the Polygon network:

Network: Polygon

Token Address: 0x2596A8B90D39EB89d5668ca5B6deE54E9ae3d4C0

Name: TAT2

Decimals: 18




TattooMoney is a project supporting digitalisation of the tattoo industry. For more information please visit: