TattooMoney voucher — an online gift card

3 min readDec 20, 2021

Are you lacking the idea for a gift? Are you afraid they will not like the present? Or maybe just you do not have the time for shopping? We have a solution for you!

Every single one of us has once lacked the idea for gift for a family member or a friend. There are so many occasions and it is not easy to choose something, especially for tattoo lovers. Not all tattoo studios offer vouchers and even if they do, one usually has to show up in the place. Also, we do not always know who this person’s favorite artist is, or if they really want to get a tattoo at this particular shop. Our TattooMoney voucher solves all the issues. It gives you the possibility to choose the artist, tattoo studio and if the gifted person does not want the tattoo as such, there is a number of other services you can pay for with our TattooMoney token — $TAT2.

Where can I redeem my voucher?

The network of our TattooMoney partners keeps growing. With the gift card, you can pay for a tattoo session in renowned tattoo studios worldwide, including Poland, Singapore, Great Britain, Norway, France, the Netherlands or Italy. Except for tattoos, you can also get some piercing done. If the person you want to give the present to is more into art, they can buy a painting, attend a painting seminar or have a photo session. There is a variety of options. You can as well keep the $TAT2 in your cryptocurrency wallet. Information about the artist and the range of services offered can be found below:

Where can I buy the voucher?

You can buy the voucher on It is an online shop offering gift cards to be redeemed instantly. There are three kinds of vouchers to choose from, each with a different amount — $100, $200 lub $500.

How to redeem my voucher?

When using the voucher, you receive $TAT2 in return — a settlement currency with which you can make payments at TattooMoney partners. Making the payment, you get a QR code. MetaMask app and Internet access are required. The app can be downloaded from In order to use the voucher, go to within MetaMask app.

There is no expiration date so you can redeem it in time convenient.

Fast and easy purchase

TattooMoney voucher is the easiest way to buy $TAT2 and make an original gift. Instant electronic delivery makes the QR code ready to use in just a few seconds. You won’t spend hours thinking what to buy. You won’t be forced to search for the best deal and then wait for the courier. The gift card is a perfect solution, making your gift be remembered.

The voucher is only intended for adults.

Except as required by law, a voucher cannot be:

  • exchanged for cash,
  • exchanged for other cards,
  • topped-up,
  • returned,
  • resold.

Contact customer service for details:




TattooMoney is a project supporting digitalisation of the tattoo industry. For more information please visit: