What 2022 brings?

5 min readDec 31, 2021


Year 2021 was a groundbreaker. At the end of the year people usually reflect on the passing year and present plans for the upcoming one. What can we boast about and what are we planning for the near future?


We have brought the TattooMoney project to life

The conceptual work and preparation started much earlier. We started by developing the first ever draft of a white paper and business plan. We developed the $TAT2 token and its functionality for the tattoo industry. Then, we started raising funds for the initial development of the platform. Experts from both the technology and tattoo worlds were engaged. In the first quarter of 2021, TattooMoney gained support from new advisors and business partners. Thanks to the funding, we launched the first private token sale in the middle of the year. The investment helped us to develop the token and its further usabilities.

TattooMoney a new global cryptocurrency by Tattoo Artist for Tattoo Artist

TattooMoney is available on two blockchains, Ethereum and Polygon

At the very beginning, $TAT2 was designed on the Ethereum blockchain, a decentralized platform where you can easily set up a wallet and make transactions quickly. However, with plans for a multi-blockchain token in mind, the team has prepared tools allowing for transferring tokens between blockchains easily. Currently, we are also available on Polygon blockchain, which significantly reduces transaction costs when buying and using the $TAT2 token.

Dozens of tattoo artists have joined TattooMoney

Our project arouses great interest among tattoo artists. At every conference or tattoo convention in which the TattooMoney team appears, we meet with a positive attitude to the project and a lot of curiosity. We talk, explain and explain to colleagues and those interested why it is worth getting involved in cryptocurrencies and what the benefits are.

We have almost 40 partners co-operating with us

With $TAT2 you can pay for a tattoo session, piercing, paintings, painting workshops or sculptures, but not only. New use cases for the $TAT2 token are appearing all the time and with TattooMoney you can now also pay for photo sessions, apartment stays or dinner at the TattooMoney Club restaurant.

We have developed the network of TAT2ATMs

Our TAT2ATMs are located in numerous tattoo studios. At the moment we have over 10 of which seven are located in Poland, two in Italy and two in Ireland.

A TAT2ATM is something like an ATM/CDM. The only difference is that you can make cryptocurrency transactions. TAT2ATMs let you buy crypto for cash quickly, easily and safely.

The total value of artworks sold at TattooMoney auctions was nearly 1,000,000 $TAT2

So far, 11 artists have participated in the auctions and all of them became very popular. Each artist represents a different, unique style. All are somehow related to the tattoo industry. Apart from paintings, masks and a custom deck from a skateboard were also on display.

We have participated in numerous tattoo conventions

We took part in conventions all over Europe. We were to Ferrara Tattoo Convention in Italy, Warsaw Tattoo Convention in Poland, Brussels Tattoo Convention in Belgium, Katowice Tattoo Konwent and Poznań Tattoo Konwent. Such events are a great opportunity for participating artists and visitors to talk to the TattooMoney team and enter the world of cryptocurrencies. They also give people who have not yet heard about TattooMoney a chance to learn more about our project. Highlights of the events can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

TattooMoney-it’s all about community!

We took part in seminars and conferences

Participating in conferences is not only a good reason to present our TattooMoney project but also to talk about cryptocurrency security and handling. We want to spread knowledge about the cryptocurrency market. We participated in seminars in Poland and Ukraine. We also organized a meeting in Brussels.

We are present in the trade press and on the Internet

We are present in the trade press because it is crucial for us to reach as many tattoo artists as possible. Our TattooMoney platform is created primarily for the industry, after all. Articles on the project have appeared in Total Tattoo and TattooFest Magazine. However, we do not forget about crypto-enthusiasts. That’s why publications on TattooMoney have appeared in the news site onet.pl, as well as BTCManager and The Coin Republic. Besides, we put a strong emphasis on social media such as Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Youtube.

What are the plans for the future?

Of the many activities we plan to do in 2022, some we can boast about now.

There is currently a 9th round of sales going on. The last round will end on 22–02–2022 at 22:22 GMT. Then the sale will be terminated and the listing of $TAT2 token on the first exchange will begin. We also plan to burn all the unsold tokens.

Any investor holding $TAT2 will be able to lock funds in their wallet (so called staking). The reward will be granted from TattooMoney FEE and the dedicated token pool. We are also planning liquidity farming on DEX. To qualify for rewards, liquidity providers will need to stake their LP tokens.

We are working hard to launch the NFT platform — NFTattoo. The platform will allow people to buy, collect and sell digital art created by the top artists in the tattoo industry. NFTattoo is an attractive and thoughtful plan to add value to tattoo designs, illustrations and more.

The last but not least for us, we want to be with tattoo artists. We plan to be at as many conventions as possible, because being with artists and exchanging thoughts is what satisfies us the most. This way we can fully develop the project and find new use cases for TattooMoney.

If you want to join our community or learn more and stay up to date, go to Telegram.




TattooMoney is a project supporting digitalisation of the tattoo industry. For more information please visit: tattoomoney.io