It’s worth helping! TattooMoney’s values ​​are our DNA

3 min readApr 6, 2022

Each of us is capable of giving unexpected help. Year after year, seeing the social inequalities and extreme poverty of the poorest in comparison with the increasing exploitation and growing class of billionaires, there has been a question constantly appearing: Where are we heading as a society? Recent years have strongly verified us as a humanity that cares for each other. The COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing war in Ukraine have shown how we can connect across divisions and obstacles and how great importance even little aid has, especially in the world full of restrictions, government bans and regulations. We do not need media messages for this, all we need is empathy and understanding.

Great things come from small ideas and activities. The premise of TattooMoney, which has been written down in the Whitepaper, is to support all possible institutions, organizations and charities. The originators of the project want to provide help and care for those in need and some of the funds obtained from the virtual transactions are used for philanthropic purposes.

The founders of TattooMoney operate both globally and locally. We were not indifferent to the signals about cryptocurrency support for Ukraine, so in our TAT2ATMs, by sending #BTC, #ETH or #USDT to the official address of the Ukrainian Embassy’s wallet, we resigned from the TattooMoney commission.

However, we act locally as well, what we have included in the followings articles Help for the hungry in Thailand and TattooMoney charity.

The most recent project is food assistance for children from an orphanage on Phuket island. Andrzej Robert Karwowski — CEO of TattooMoney and a resident in Thailand — together with Roman Sotskiy, donated food and necessities to foster carers for orphans.

Another initiative is food aid for 24 Indonesian illegal immigrants, including some minor ones. These were people who were left without any support from their Embassy in the detention of Chalong Province on Phuket Island. Having no aid, they were being fed by the local police only.

- Opportunities to give great help to others are rare, but opportunities for little help arise every day — as Sally Koch says.

We show and create solidarity with people who are in a difficult position. We want to help those in need because we believe that altruism is contagious and therefore starts a great chain reaction. We will provide assistance periodically. In the first days of April, we repeat the entire action.




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